Protect your workforce from compromise

Detect, contain, and remediate infections and exploit attempts that target your enterprise. 

Your adversary never stood a chance

Managed Detection & Response offers a dependable solution for safeguarding your business against ever-changing cyber risks. By harnessing the expertise of third-party professionals, you can quickly enhance your CyberSecurity maturity and ensure reliable protection.



API & File System Virtualization protects your device from unknown payloads



Network & endpoint sensors report back alert telemetry of malicious processes & files



Remote engagement, monitoring and reporting when your environment is defended from threats



Recover potentially damaged, corrupted, or otherwise removed files post-eviction with customizable backup choices


24x7 cyber threat defense

We perform automated and manual monitoring, inspection, and investigation of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to help you detect, respond, defend, recover, and protect from modern cyber attacks faster, while enriching our Security Operations Center with threat intelligence critical for wide-scale mitigation and prevention


All Managed Detection & Response customers benefit from...


Signature AntiVirus

Powerful real world software to automatically detect, cleanse and quarantine suspicious files


Behavioral AntiMalware

Closely monitors behavior anomalies of all processes to identify any potentially harmful actions before they happen


Ransomware Reversal

Detects, contains and remediates known and zero-day ransomware variants.


Endpoint Commander

Keeps your systems and software up to date, and transmits live security alerts to our SoC when intervention is required

File tray

Active Data Protection

Ensures that unauthorized users do not have the chance to compromise sensitive files, categorizing confidential business data by policies set by the organization or a regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR)


Work Environment Protection

Detects and stops unauthorized attempts to compromise the work environment, alerting the SoC and helping guarantee data confidentiality by preventing breaches and minimizing the risk of data compromise

Battery Hardware

Device Control

Moderate and control endpoint user access by blocking access to USB storage devices, human interface devices, Bluetooth devices, infrared devices, IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, and more


Get the most out of your defenders

Humans and machines in unity

Letting unknown strangers into your endpoints seems oddly equally as troublesome as letting the unknown actors in themselves. Our service stack is designed to require as little of your attention and time as technically possible after deployment; you'll only have your day interrupted by us when things have gone terribly, horrifically wrong in some detectable regard. Otherwise, you'll get timely post-response updates and alerts in a way you understand too, not just us.

Playing nice with other providers

We provide quick and painless integrations for users of AWS and Office 365 to protect their workforce with low to zero configuration after-the-fact. Simply connect, approve, and you're set!

Keeping you up to date

Studies show that businesses operating with outdated technology face a significantly higher risk of data breaches (65%) compared to those who regularly update their software and hardware (29%). Endpoint Commander keeps the software your teams use up-to-date while the office lights are dimmed, ensuring you're always running the latest available version of security and bug fixes.

Secured in a snap

Enrollment of your endpoints is quick, painless, and more importantly, can be unattended. 

Otherwise, you Run to Endpoint, then you Run the Installer, then your endpoint Reboots AutoMagically while you Run Away. Aaaaaand, you're done. This means your in-house IT Team, or otherwise the unfortunate summer intern tasked with endpoint maintenance, can get back to work without hassle.

More savings; less breaches


Small & Medium Businesses


Flat fee for up to 1000 endpoints

Give your team the toolkit they need to protect the business they do online

  • checkmark-circle AntiVirus
  • checkmark-circle AntiMalware
  • checkmark-circle AntiRansomware
  • checkmark-circle Host Firewall
  • checkmark-circle Real-Time Containment
  • checkmark-circle Real-Time Cloud Analysis
  • checkmark-circle DNS Security
  • checkmark-circle Host IDS/IPS
  • checkmark-circle 24x7 remote threat hunting



It's highly likely that we recognize that the default price might not accurately align with your preferred per-device/monthly rate. Rest assured, our enterprise pricing is tailored specifically to meet your requirements. We strongly advise getting in touch with us using the form below to receive a complimentary quote.


Need clarification?

What is BeeHive MDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an essential aspect of the CyberSecurity threat lifecycle, focusing on proactive identification of threats, rapid response to incidents, and continuous monitoring of an organization's digital environment.

By combining state-of-the-art technology and expert human analysis, BeeHive MDR effectively identifies and mitigates potential risks to networks, systems, and data. 

How does BeeHive respond to detected threats?

We categorize responses into primarily one of two classes:

Silent Response

Silent responses are live security responses triggered in reaction to an adaptive security alert. Silent responses encompass the "99%" of our response types and are for anything from the weird file Becky in Engineering just opened, to the Command Prompt stuck looping on John's laptop. When we perform a "silent" response, we may in certain circumstances reach out to your organization contact to clarify or verify a particular item, but other than those specific cases, that's it. It's a silent response to something so minor you probably wouldn't have cared to spend time hearing about it. A problem only worth the time spent fixing it.

Escalated Response

Escalated responses are live security responses that require us to activate on-location associates in response to an adaptive security alert. This means sending your IR/IT Team sprinting down various hallways, smacking servers and screeching to the above as they do so. Escalated responses are rare, alikened to the 1%, and typically involve taking immediate remediative actions like physical device or network isolation, forensic imaging or recovery, removal of associates from company property, or confiscation of roving devices for Security Esurance; summarized, remediation of CyberThreats that have escalated outside of digital impact alone.

How does BeeHive "detect without detection"?

The prevailing approach to Managed Detection and Response within CyberSecurity today revolves around the concept of detection, regardless of what's being used to do the detect-ing (Human Hunters, AI, Rules, Behavioral Monitoring).

However, it is widely known that detecting unknown threats (an "unknown threat" being a threat-type that is not yet classified as a threat, known or unknown in origin) is virtually impossible (it's in the name: "unknown"), and relying solely on detection often means that by the time a non-automated detection is triggered, malware or ransomware has already caused damage.

Enter, BeeHive MDR.

Rather than performing a rat-race chasing down bad files, we utilize detection-less virtualization, which in deployment, is a game-changer. This allows us to remotely and effectively contain unknown threats in real-time, operating at machine speed without the need for detection strategies. 

Summarized, this is a Managed Detection and Response service designed to win where other vendors would pay out.

How does BeeHive protect me?

In real-world application, BeeHive MDR utilizes both detection-based and detection-less security technologies to offer immediate end-to-end, zero-actor-dwell-time hunting and response.

  • Known threats are instantly denied entry or removed from environment on detection
  • Unknown objects are contained with machine-speed virtualization APIs so they can be assessed by our Verdict Cloud without disrupting business continuity, while their actions and behaviors are monitored using on-device Machine Learning
  • Benign files and objects are simply released from containment
  • Malicious files, objects, processes, and scripts are appropriately remediated

This is detection-less security, it is NOT sandboxing, but proactive protection-at-run time that integrates seamlessly with our proactive monitoring operations.

How is BeeHive's MDR service different from others?

When considering different vendors, it is crucial to bear in mind that their detection capabilities will always have limitations, leaving individuals like yourself susceptible to infection. To make matters worse, you are left shouldering the financial burden of Incident Response (IR). Regrettably, this is the standard practice among most Managed Detection and Response (MDR) vendors - they continue to charge you even if they fail to provide adequate protection.

Moment of silence to consider that. We'll wait. During this moment of silence, someone's statistically getting their data ransomed. Could have been you. Coffee ☕? 

Unlike other MDR vendors that only offer protection against known threats, leaving you exposed to undetected dangers, BeeHive MDR takes a more unique approach to endpoint monitoring and enforcement with a real-time detection strategy, for real-time threat hunting, real-time threat containment, real-time cloud analysis, and real-time remediation to match the demand of a real-time threat cycle.

One vendor. Zero downtime. All the perks.