Award-winning protection against advanced online threats

Detect and stop known and unknown malware from infecting your system without hassle

Stop cyber-threats with a click

BeeHive offers cutting-edge endpoint protection powered by AI, safeguarding small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from ransomware and data breaches. With a simple one-click deployment, users of all skill levels can effortlessly implement advanced security to combat modern cyber threats that often evade traditional antivirus programs. By providing accessible AI-powered cybersecurity to businesses of all sizes, BeeHive is revolutionizing defense strategies from home to office. Embrace smarter, more secure protection for all your family's devices (computers, phones, or tablets). Our tailored solution detects malware, offering advanced threat intelligence and proven technology for peace of mind, ensuring we catch and stop threats that traditional antivirus software may miss. Plus, we accomplish this without slowing down your system or bombarding you with annoying notifications. Discover cybersecurity that's smart enough for your digital lifestyle.


Protection you can trust


Stop malware and ransomware

Real-time analyst feedback alongside an expansive signature database and innovative endpoint protection technologies protects you from infection


Protect important files

Stop the encryption or deletion of your files and rollback damage to files when you need them most


Prevent stealers & account takeover

Protect browsers and credential managers from both file-based and file-less attack and theft


Contain unknown cyber-threats

Kernel & API-level virtualization protects core components of system integrity from access or attack

Free antivirus's only spot known threats. BeeHive stops what others couldn't can't don't won't miss

Simple, transparent pricing

No contracts. No surprise fees. Just security.


Student ID required

$78 /month/device

Discounted rates on powerful protection. Contains all features present on Standard.


$1016 /month/device

Powerful online protection that...

  • Stops malware
  • Protects data
  • Contains zero-days


Regional ID required

$20149 /month/device

All Standard features, plus...

  • Enhanced endpoint security telemetry
  • Remote support services
  • and more...




Detection Coverage

Signature-based detections
We detect malware that has already been seen and investigated by a human analyst when it ends up on your devices.
Behavior-based detections
We detect malware by the behaviors that it exhibits while it is running on protected endpoints, including yours.
Recognizer-based detections
We detect malware based on it's genetic similarity to other forms of known malware, determined at runtime analysis.
Enhanced security telemetry

Protection Coverage

Terminates malicious processes on detection
Blocks known malicious files on file system presence
Stops DLL hijacking and process hollowing
Rolls back files damaged by ransomware
Stops exfil of files containing sensitive data
Contains unknown malware and ransomware to prevent damage to system

Support Coverage

Customer assistance
Email and tickets
Email and tickets
Email, tickets, phone, remote
Remote support services
Student perk

Need clarification?

What is a next generation antivirus/antimalware product?

A "next-gen" antivirus (NGAV) and a traditional, file-blacklist-based antivirus (CFBA) are two distinct types of antivirus solutions with unique approaches and capabilities.

CFBA relies on a database of known malware signatures or patterns (blacklist/blocklist/denylist) to detect and block malicious files. When a file is downloaded, it is compared to the blacklist, and if there is a match with a known malware pattern, the CFBA prevents the file from executing. This reactive approach focuses on known threats but may miss new or zero-day malware.

In contrast, NGAV utilizes advanced detection techniques like machine learning algorithms and behavior-based analysis to identify both known and unknown malware. By monitoring file behavior, looking for suspicious activities, and employing techniques such as sandboxing and predictive analysis, NGAV can detect zero-day and fileless attacks that CFBA might overlook.

While there is no exact definition of what a "next-gen" antivirus must entail, experts agree it should surpass traditional antivirus by using advanced technologies to detect previously unseen threats.

Overall, key quality checkpoints for an NGAV solution include protection against next-generation attacks, utilizing cloud-based or AI learning for independent detection, and leveraging cloud-based analytics for aggressive threat detection and mitigation.

What platforms does your software work on?

Mac OS



Windows XP (SP3 or higher) x86
Windows 7 SP1 x86
Windows 7 SP1 x64
Windows 8 x86
Windows 8 x64
Windows 8.1 x86
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 10 x86
Windows 10 x64
Windows 11 x64

Windows Server 2003 SP2
Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
Windows Server 2008 SP2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2022



OS versions with which we have tested and validate full support for.

Latest Ubuntu 16.х LTS x64 release version (with GUI only)
Latest Ubuntu 18.х LTS x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest Ubuntu 20.х LTS x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest Ubuntu 22.x LTS x64 release version (with GUI only)
Latest Debian 8.х x64 release version (with GUI only)
Latest Debian 9.x x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest Debian 10.x x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest Debian 11.x x64 release version (with GUI only)
Latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.х x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8.х x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 9.x x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest CentOS 7.х x64 release version (with GUI and headless)
Latest CentOS 8.х x64 release version (with GUI and headless)

Unconfirmed Compatibility

OS versions that could be used, but without the guarantee of flawless operation. There could be small bugs like missing GUI elements, or huge bugs not yet discovered in that specific OS version.

Mint, Elementary OS, MX Linux, Zorin, Kali, antiX, Linux Lite, Endless OS, KDE neon, Lubuntu, Peppermint OS, Ubuntu MATE, deepin, SparkyLinux, Xubuntu, Tails, Devuan GNU+Linux, Q4OS, Parrot Security OS, LXLE, Kubuntu, Bodhi Linux, feren OS


How does billing work?

  • You sign up for your first device thru our billing menu above.
  • You're billed every month for that device's active service.
  • You can increase, or cancel your subscription, at any time.

You can modify, update, or remove billing information from your customer profile at anytime - however, removing payment information from your profile without cancelling your subscription will incur valid charges.

If you've got more devices to add to your account, open a ticket with us to enroll them securely.

If you cancel your service, the software will uninstall itself and reboot your computer at the end of your paid service period.

Can I customize the software?

Short answer, yes, open a ticket. 

Long answer is this:

We maintain and sync your settings profile with our cloud. The same settings that apply on one device, apply on all devices. Within these settings are options and customizations that we've hand-tested for the best possible experience starting out with our software, with regard to both security and performance. 

However, we also maintain source control over the software's operating behavior, and we can customize it to your area of concern or assurance required. If you prefer different features added or removed or different protection modules enabled or disabled, this is perfectly possible.  However, to be able to create blindness on a device that you've prior asked us to protect, we did not feel was a smart user-facing ability in the interests of security. 

When you request changes be made to your software license and thus the version you're using, we'll take steps to validate your identity and authority to protect account integrity and ensure we're not being manipulated in the process of creating a blindspot for you. Equally, we can't guarantee perfect operation of all apps and programs if you ask for additional security modules to be enabled that we believe are...excessive, except for cause.