Award-winning protection against advanced online threats

Detect and stop known and unknown malware from infecting your system without hassle

Protect your PC from malware and spyware in just a few clicks

BeeHive's security client is a security software application designed to protect users from malware or viruses while working, shopping, or playing games on their computers. It works by isolating unknown files in a safe virtual environment before performing real-time analysis to determine whether they pose any threat - all done without risk or alert fatigue for normal computer usage.


Protection you can rely on


Real-Time Anti-Malware

High-sensitivity file inspection occurs on-device to detect and block known and unknown malicious software


Real-Time Anti-Spyware

Powerful protection from credential stealers, banking trojans, and other hard-to-detect infections


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Analysis and blocking of potentially dangerous activities on the host device to preserve system integrity


Real-Time Cloud Analysis

Ongoing static and dynamic analysis of unknown objects within your filesystem for unidentified malware


Automated Threat Containment

Kernel-level API virtualization to monitor and contain unknowns during analysis and verdicting


Automated Remediation

No-touch, no-interaction, 100% hands free threat remediation across 7 layers of powerful protection

Free antivirus's only spot known threats. BeeHive stops what others couldn't can't don't won't miss

Simple, transparent pricing

No contracts. No surprise fees. Just security.


Student ID required

$78 /month/device

Discounted rates on powerful protection. Contains all features present on Standard.


$1016 /month/device

Powerful online protection that...

  • Stops malware
  • Protects data
  • Contains zero-days


Regional ID required

$20149 /month/device

All Standard features, plus...

  • Enhanced endpoint security telemetry
  • Remote support services
  • and more...




Detection Coverage

Signature-powered detections
Heuristics-powered detections
Behavior-powered detections
Recognizer-powered detections
Intel® TDT-powered detections
Intel® TDT uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to help profile malware as it attempts to execute on the CPU microarchitecture and can even detect never-before-seen attacks. Supported hardware is required to take advantage of all Intel® TDT-enhanced protection capabilities and may vary device-to-device based on equipped hardware, and OEM configuration.
On supported hardware
On supported hardware
On supported hardware
Enhanced security telemetry

Protection Coverage

Terminates malicious processes on detection
Blocks known malicious files on file system presence
Stops DLL hijacking and process hollowing
Rolls back files damaged by ransomware
Stops exfil of files containing sensitive data
Contains unknown malware and ransomware to prevent damage to system

Support Coverage

Customer assistance
Email and tickets
Email and tickets
Email, tickets, phone, remote
Remote support services
Student perk

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What types of malware can your software detect?

Our NextGen AntiVirus offers comprehensive protection against multiple categories of malicious software, including viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, password stealers, and much more such as greyware and known potentially risky and/or unwanted applications.

Am I protected from malware you haven't yet detected?

Does this software work while gaming?

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