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The better the information you provide, the easier it'll be for us to help you out. Please make sure you provide sufficient information.


Our "Standard" SLA will get you a reply in a maximum of 72 hours. We prefer to take care of it before then.


Enterprise organizations should contact their CSL directly with urgent concerns that are out-of-bounds to this form.

Guidelines for an efficient report

The sooner we fix problems, the happier everyone is - so providing us the correct amount of information when you create a ticket, will hopefully in theory result in a first-time fix, everytime. 

Are you submitting a report about Sentri behaving in an unexpected way? Give us something to work with, like

  • What command didn't work
  • The behavior you expected
  • The behavior you got
  • Screenshots (if they're relevant to the malfunction)

Did you just download a file you need but an analyst has picked a very bad time to fight demons with that file specifically? We can give it back, but you'll make that easier by telling us...

  • What the file is
  • Where it came from
  • Where it was going to
  • Any files required for it to operate in a package the file can be released from Analyst Hold accordingly. 

Is an integration we support or offer for you not working correctly? OKOK, our bad, help us out here. 

  • What was the expected behavior
  • What was the unexpected result
  • Do you have an error code or series of indicators for us to see?

Help us fix your problem so we both get back to other work faster.

Tips for quick replies

Keep your ticket language friendly and/or light

Be succinct about your problem and avoid belaboring the poor CS person who opens your ticket to a long and potentially irrelevant story - just tell them what's wrong.

Ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct and proper to use.

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