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We offer automated and manual scanning, reviews, takedowns, and case management to keep your brand's identity on autopilot and stop brand abuse in it's tracks


What is brand protection?

Brand protection involves the proactive actions taken by companies to safeguard their valuable intellectual property (IP) from unauthorized individuals seeking to exploit it for personal gain. This encompasses the protection of trademarks, domain names, design marks, trade dress, and patents, regardless of their online presence. Digital brand abuse can be committed by various groups, both malicious and non-malicious, as well as individuals. It generally occurs with the intention to disrupt or defame, but its primary motive is financial gain. It is fascinating to note that the most severe and complex cases of brand abuse are orchestrated by organized individuals who have the intention to confuse, divert, and take advantage of the loyal customers of well-known brands.

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  • Brand Assets

BeeHive helps protect your brand with...


Marks recognition

Sophisticated machine learning techniques swiftly identify digital images on the web (such as logos and product images), enhancing the speed and efficiency of reviewing, sorting, and prioritizing enforcement actions.


Test shops

Undercover procurement and analysis of both physical and digital goods provide a definitive means to ascertain the authenticity of products or services, offering a cost-effective alternative to private investigations.


Case management

A customizable in-platform repository and workflows can be adapted to meet any specific case management needs, significantly reducing time, effort, and frustrations.


Service team extensions

Seasoned brand protection teams seamlessly integrate as immediate extensions to any legal and brand protection department, offering invaluable expertise and support.


24x7 automated monitoring

Searches across social media and the open internet for brand abuse


Human-actioned takedowns

Cease abuse and collect damages from offenders with ease of direction


Enhanced by artificial intelligence

Computer vision + intelligent case review helps locate misappropriation of your marks with high accuracy

Why is brand protection important?


Preserving customer satisfaction and experience

Preserving customer satisfaction and experience stands as a cornerstone of brand protection services. By ensuring customers consistently receive genuine products and enjoy positive interactions with the brand, companies can cultivate long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. This proactive approach not only enhances customer loyalty but also mitigates the risk of reputational damage caused by counterfeit goods or poor customer experiences.


Preventing brand and reputation decay

Preventing brand and reputation decay is imperative in today's competitive market landscape. A brand's reputation is its most valuable asset, influencing consumer perceptions and purchase decisions. Effective brand protection measures safeguard against counterfeit products, unauthorized distribution, and brand misuse, thereby maintaining the brand's integrity and ensuring its continued success. By proactively addressing potential threats, companies can preserve their hard-earned reputation and sustain customer trust over time.


Averting customer safety issues

Counterfeit or substandard products pose significant risks to consumer health and safety, potentially resulting in serious harm or injury. By implementing robust brand protection strategies, companies can prevent the circulation of illicit goods and uphold their commitment to delivering safe and reliable products to consumers. Prioritizing consumer safety not only protects individuals from harm but also reinforces the brand's dedication to ethical business practices.


Reducing marketing and ad spend

Unauthorized use of brand assets, counterfeit products, and brand reputation crises can all necessitate costly marketing campaigns and legal interventions to mitigate damage. By implementing proactive brand protection measures, companies can minimize the likelihood of such incidents occurring, thereby saving valuable resources that would otherwise be allocated to reactive measures. By reducing unnecessary expenditures on damage control, companies can allocate resources more efficiently and focus on driving growth and innovation.


Increasing sales and revenue

Increasing sales and revenue is a direct outcome of robust brand protection strategies. By safeguarding the brand's reputation, ensuring product authenticity, and enhancing consumer trust, companies can attract more customers and drive sales growth. Authentic products command higher prices and enjoy greater demand in the marketplace, leading to increased revenue and profitability for the brand. Moreover, by differentiating themselves from counterfeit competitors, companies can capture market share and maintain a competitive edge, further driving sales performance and long-term success.


How affordable is brand protection?

Very. High-cost safety solutions aren't adoptable with ease - so we lowered the cost. Why? Because we can.




Every week, our team diligently searches the internet for any security threats that may be exploiting your brand, including phishing attempts, malware, and unauthorized account access. We promptly eliminate these threats as needed.

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  • checkmark-sharp Phishing-related takedowns
  • checkmark-sharp Malware-related takedowns



This can become more costly if you require us to actively manage your rights instead of just enforcing them. While it may seem tempting, this isn't necessary for many businesses. If you believe this is the right fit for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us – we would be happy to discuss it further.

  • checkmark-sharp Automated scanning
  • checkmark-sharp Manual abuse hunting
  • checkmark-sharp Phishing-related takedowns
  • checkmark-sharp Malware-related takedowns
  • checkmark-sharp easyDMCA
  • checkmark-sharp Trademark enforcement
  • checkmark-sharp Legal claim assistance
  • checkmark-sharp Rights management

In December 2022, the hacker's play-thing designed by Flipper Devices exploded in popularity. Equally stores, websites, and social media accounts appeared to peddle fake and non-existent merchandise in hopes of picking off for themselves a slice of the consumer pie. BeeHive helped deliver effective enforcement across unapproved websites and illegitimate social media accounts alike, protecting potential buyers from scams and scalping.

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