Respond to potential cybersecurity incidents effectively

Detect and stop breaches, empower investigation, deploy defenses, and protect business continuity

Your enterprise is being targeted

Today's businesses have never been in greater danger, with greater risks and harsher consequences from increasingly devastating forms of cyberattacks.


Data theft

Customer and corporate information is ripe to be targeted, subjecting your organization to compliance concerns and liability


System infection

Malware, spyware, and ransomware can wreak havoc on your business's operational continuity


Account takeover

Compromised accounts can lead to the leaks of sensitive communications, credentials, and other sensitive resources


Insider threats

Insider threats can leak confidential information and trade secrets that leave your business at a permanent disadvantage

Help Buoy

Get help from the security experts

Collaborate with our team of security experts and tap into the wealth of knowledge gained from hundreds of previous engagements.


Gain clarity of your cyber event

Utilize up-to-date cyberthreat intelligence to effectively allocate resources and make informed decisions based on the risks posed to your business.


Get back to business faster

Get back on track quickly by taking immediate action to address the situation, minimize financial repercussions, and expedite the return to core business operations.

A methodology for success

If you think your working environment is compromised, you can't continue to risk the access and theft of customer data, company secrets, or other restricted content.

Initial Contact


Every incident response session begins with a forensic device inventory.

  • Every file
  • Every driver
  • Every executable
  • Every potentially malicious object that could bring your business down

We'll hunt it, locate it, and inventory it in our Intelligence Cloud, which you get to watch in real-time.

Human and Computer Analysis


We'll sit down and sift thru each object - what we've already seen, and what we haven't - and perform automated and manual human analysis for malicious content or capability.

  • Average time to human-validated compromised verdict: 27 hours
  • Average time to human-validated safe verdict: 33 hours


Remediative Actions


We're back on the endpoint, this time to remediate any infections or staged objects detected by initial analysis and triage. 

  • Threats missed during prior engagements: 0

Continued Security

Strategize (optional)

This didn't need to happen this time and doesn't need to happen again. We can continue to guard your networks and endpoints while helping you build cybersecurity posture and strategies that protect your enterprise.