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Stop spam, raids, abuse, and more!

With Sentri, you get the flexibility, security, and resources to create the community you wish without the hassles and dangers of modern-day Discord.


Sentri helps your staff put community safety on autopilot


Guard your members

Sentri is an all-in-one moderator that scans messages, maintains clean user nicknames, demotes abusive staff, and offers customizable functionality for your community.


Manage your server

Sentri enables efficient community management with colorized embeds, welcome messages, and mass-roleing/deroleing, offering premium bot functions for maximum impact.


Moderate behaviors

Sentri empowers staff in managing member punishments, including detecting evasion, managing alternative accounts, checking for abusers, and seamlessly issuing various punishments.


Empower server staff

Sentri extends server moderation and protection to our team, reducing negative impact on your community. BeeHive team members can optimize Sentri for your server, regardless of the environment.

Your next favorite bot

Sentri is an open-source-powered Discord Bot designed to help you better protect the communities you’re most invested in by providing server moderators and administrators with powerful tools and options of action. Designed to cater to communities of all sizes, Sentri offers a comprehensive array of features that streamline the process of moderating at any scale. With a single bot, Sentri empowers you to enhance the safety of your server, elevate the quality of conversations, and equip both your staff members and trusted community members with innovative tools to independently safeguard the community.

The features you'll love

As your server grows, you'll need a bot powerful enough to support your staff team. Sentri comes with tons of thoughtful moderative and safety features out of the box.


Every channel, all the time

Sentri's AI conversation filtration, powered by PerspectiveAPI, enhances Sentri's ability to detect bad behavior without saving your user's messages, or contributing them to someone else's training model. Messages are exchanged with PerspectiveAPI for sentiment analysis, then deleted from storage once verdicted, meaning what happens inside .gg/catgirls stays inside .gg/catgirls.

PerspectiveAPI is the product of a collaborative research effort by Jigsaw and Google’s Counter Abuse Technology team.

Jigsaw open sources experiments, tools, and research data that explore ways to combat online toxicity and harassment.

AI chat moderation

User Watchlist

The user watchlist is a Discord moderative banlist and proactive moderation effort powered by Sentri and fulfilled by the BeeHive Security Operations Team. While profiles, emojis, icons, banners, and usernames can change, user behavior typically does not. Sentri's built-in account watchlist can help prevent abusive users from ever reaching your server in the first place, while using Sentri can help abusive users be detected and globally punished quicker.

Accounts currently watchlisted

Accounts terminated thanks to Sentri detections and analyst action

How did I end up on the user watchlist?

If you've been placed on our banlist, you've done one of the following:

  • Repeatedly violated Discord Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, or Terms of Partnership
  • Violated our Terms of Service as a user
  • Violated our Community Guidelines as a user
Why does the user watchlist exist?

Certain server owners, particularly those who cater to individuals under the age of 18 or those who prioritize content sensitivities, possess a strong inclination to prevent potentially malicious users from infiltrating their servers. Moreover, there exists a logical ability to discern the appropriate nature of content suitable for different types of servers, yet there are users who deliberately share inappropriate content, driven by abusive intentions. Preventative banlists exist to serve a defensive gap by, unfortunately, making membership in the server a non-option if you've misused it in the past elsewhere.

Do community owners actually utilize watchlists like this?

Indeed, many server owners rely on re-enforcement banlists for intensive server moderation. By expanding the criteria for staying in the server, which are designed with safety in mind, the overall reliability of security is significantly enhanced. Sentri, being an exceptionally robust tool, plays a vital role in ensuring cross-server safety.

How do I get removed from the watchlist?

Yes, if you can behave, we have a portal for you to appeal your ban, which you can find here.

You get one appeal, accepted or denied.

If your primary Discord account is banlisted, Sentri will proactively banlist detected alt accounts.

How do I enable this feature in my community?

First, you must have Sentri invited and setup inside your target server. You must have a properly configured role equally for your moderators, administrators, and Sentri itself.

Then, a SERVER_ADMIN or higher needs to run the command !watchlist in the server you wish to enroll.

How do I disable this feature in my community?

We're sorry to see you go!

To disenroll, simply have a SERVER_ADMIN or higher run the command !watchlistoff

This won't unban users previously banned by the banlist, but it will stop new bans from syncing. The action of banning just to unban is not something we're interested in getting into, as it can be an API-heavy activity.

What Sentri's users have had to say

Sentri is a reliable and efficient protector in Discord, ensuring utmost community security. It thwarts raids and provides a safe online experience. With a wide range of commands, it adds enjoyment and engagement for our community. Sentri's groundbreaking presence revolutionizes the discord bot industry, and I highly recommend integrating it for enhanced user experience and security.




Sentri is free to use

We don't sell your, or your user's data, in exchange for usage.

If you'd like, you can make a one-time donation of a value of your choice to support hosting costs, development, and related.

If you need help setting up Sentri perfectly in your community, having an associate configure Sentri to your liking can ensure a great experience for users and staff alike, while reducing setup friction connected to learning Sentri's commands and behaviors.




Sentri is ultra-configurable, however, we'll get you setup to the right tune with permissions, roles, moderator controls, and the like. From there, you can customize Sentri however your heart desires

  • checkmark-sharp Setup administrator permissions
  • checkmark-sharp Setup moderator permissions
  • checkmark-sharp Create server management profile

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