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A team of passionate, focused developers, testers, researchers, and analysts

Translated: Generally friendly commercial hackers

In the rapidly evolving tech industry, we have recognized the growing demand for "?aaS" products, specifically the "Security as a Service/Subscription" model. Everybody has something they need secured, and equally, everyone's got their ideal way to protect it, be it personal knowledge, or a vendor product. However, unlike other vendors, we offer more than just downloadables and products.

We embody the product itself, jointly offensive and defensive CyberSecurity Operations, and deliver a unique and collaborative service to our clients. As we adapt to the changing needs of our client base, we continuously monitor and adjust, seizing these opportunities to drive innovation.

We like to call it "operations as a service" - a glimpse into the future of how security operations are handled in an ever-more-dangerous world.

Create, engineer, develop, design, and protect "what's next"

Most of the places we are, you won't hear from we, or they. Since our focus corporately is on operations, we don't prioritize the outbound existence of our presence or marks in customer environments; every environment deserves to be uniquely challenging and marks-less to an attacker. As a result, we embed silently and easily in almost any size operation, using any stack, in any manner or process; as is our goal; fractional vending of security operations.

Zero internal or external breaches, leaks, or infections to date. Zero time for games.

Our previous customers include military organizations, innovative technology vendors like Flipper Zero, and our current clients consist of locksmith and auto security companies, registrars, and organizations of all sizes from around the world. Our intelligence reports, which feature content from these clients, have been showcased in numerous publications and news outlets both in the United States and internationally. We take pride in being the vigilant bees behind the scenes - a friendly presence that ensures silence in security.

Our unwavering determination is to create a safer internet, whether it be through the forceful elimination of threats or by raising awareness. Our ultimate goal is to address one actor and one domain at a time, making a tangible difference in the online world.

CyberSecurity is a concept that's existed for years, generations; "hackers" are nothing new, and neither is the knowledge they tend to have and utilize.

What worked for you instead of against you?


Thru innovation in software and hardware, cooperation with security researchers and official organizations, and constant technical and educational evolution, it's our commitment to...

Create, enhance, and defend CyberSovereignty
Create environments of regret for threat actors
Hunt with moral and ethical neutrality
Compromise with consideration

And above all, provide customers and clients with a deeply informed CyberSecurity service-and-experience pair that just...makes sense.


What our customers say

“Impressive! [You guys] have done alot!”

“You all are the most Robin-Hood bees we've ever met!”

“If I'm the dropshipper detective, you're all the hitmen...”


“Wanted to thank you again for bringing down [PHISHING TARGET], it is still offline”

“We were provided an extensive security assessment [and] plan to review the document over the coming weeks to further strengthen our infrastructure”


You might have already heard of us...


Using Tor?

Read "Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker" without ads or paywalls.


What can we do for you?

  • Security Services

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  • Legal Services

Forensic Acquisition (imaging of electronic devices, mobile devices, computers, laptops and servers)

Communications Acquisition

Data Recovery and Reconstruction

Deleted File Analysis

Establishment of Investigative Support Systems

Phishing and Phishing Investigations

Mail Policy Compliance

Mobile Environment Forensics

Malware and IOC (Indicator of Compromise) Analysis

Malware Removal

Endpoint Compliance and Security Monitoring

Investigative Data Mining (IDM)

Fraud and Identity Investigation and Analytics

Confidential User Access Analytics

Procurement Analysis

Transactional/Non-Transactional Data Analytics

Database Forensics

Continuous Transaction Monitoring

Visual Data Analytics

Specialty Business Metric Monitoring

Photographic Geolocation

Videographic Geolocation

Digital Identity Forensics

Electronic Evidence Consulting

Evidence Identification

Evidence Collection

Evidence Preservation

Evidence & CyberCrime

Processing, Search, and Analysis

Violation and Evidence Production and Disclosure



We participate in blocklists such as AbuseIPDB are a valuable resource for SysAdmins, empowering them to decipher and respond to connection attempts by leveraging the power of a community-driven reputation system.

As Featured on CyberKnow's Russia-Ukraine Conflict Tracker


The invasion of Ukraine does not come without consequence for those half a globe away. The world is constantly engaged in varying geopolitics. Like it or not, the defense of Ukraine holds global impact, whether it's financial, or matters of sovereignty. Equally, it's our responsibility to do what we do best, to protect those in a moment of need who deserve it. Act now, argue on a podcast about it later.


Yes, CyberSecurity involves you!

  • CyberSecurity in History

  • Modern Day

CyberSecurity in History

One of the earliest major breaches was the Morris Worm in 1988, created by Robert Tappan Morris, which significantly disrupted the early internet.

In the 2000's, we saw the rapid proliferation of malware, including viruses, worms, and Trojans. Notable attacks included the "ILOVEYOU" worm (2000) and the "Blaster" worm (2003), which caused widespread damage. This came alongside a surge in data breaches targeting large corporations and institutions. In 2005, the massive breach of credit card processor CardSystems Solutions exposed millions of customer records.
Starting at or around 2010, Nation-states began using cyberattacks as tools for espionage and disruption. The Stuxnet worm (2010), attributed to the U.S. and Israel, targeted Iran's nuclear facilities. This was followed by other state-sponsored attacks like the Sony Pictures hack (2014) and the DNC hack (2016), attributed to North Korea and Russia, respectively. In the "civilian" world, cybercriminals conducted several high-profile breaches affecting millions of individuals. Examples include the Target breach (2013) compromising 40 million payment cards and the Equifax breach (2017) exposing sensitive data of 147 million people. Ransomware attacks surged, with notable incidents like WannaCry (2017) and NotPetya (2017) causing widespread disruption and financial losses worldwide.

Modern Day

2020 ushered in a new type of threat consideration, as cybercriminals started targeting software supply chains to compromise multiple organizations simultaneously. The SolarWinds hack (discovered in 2020) affected numerous U.S. government agencies and corporations. The introduction of new technologies and eras of technology, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) brought new vulnerabilities and threats to the forefront.

2020 and 2021 brought a crescendo of large-scale successful breaches, including

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Hafnium Attacks (January - March 2021)
  • Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack (May 2021)
  • JBS Foods Ransomware Attack (May 2021)
  • Kaseya VSA Supply Chain Ransomware Attack (July 2021)
  • NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Exposure (July 2021)
  • T-Mobile Data Breach (August 2021)

State-sponsored cyber espionage remains a significant concern, with continuous attacks targeting governments, businesses, and critical infrastructure.