Meet your security experts your network inspectors your fraud defenders your threat hunters your agents of chaos your advanced & persistent threats your watchful eyes the only "hackers" you can trust BeeHive

For everything you do digitally, there's evolving danger and risk.

We're working hard to create an evolving portfolio of manned, managed, and unmanaged services and utilities to let our clients lead and direct their business with purpose, knowing intelligence, education, and operational solutions are just an ask away.

When you know anything's possible, you're encouraged. When you're made capable of anything, you achieve greater accomplishments.

Forged in the crucible of conflict, refined under the weight of constant challenges, and guided through adversity, we are the architects and adversaries of tomorrow—a tomorrow that starts with your vision.

What we do



cyberattacks, vulnerabilities, exploits, infections, and more...



customers, clients, and partners on how to maintain digital resilience



customers, clients, and friends from a litany of digital & kinetic dangers



that which cannot be protected from with surety, only force

Who we serve







in over 20 industries, including

  • Law Enforcement

  • Manufacturing

  • Development

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • NonProfit

  • Logistics

  • Retail

  • Entertainment

Our mission

At the end of the day, we...

  • Create, enhance, and defend CyberSecurity
  • Create environments of regret for threat actors
  • Hunt with moral and ethical neutrality
  • Compromise with consideration

And above all, provide customers and clients with a deeply informed service-and-experience pair that just...makes sense.

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In other communities

Security doesn't stop at these doors

We contribute to AbuseIPDB

Platforms like AbuseIPDB help empower community-driven IP reputation data, to help defend against the attacks seen potentially the least.

AbuseIPDB Contributor Badge


BeeHive helps fund Charm Industrial

Charm uses plants to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere. They convert biomass into a stable, carbon-rich liquid and then pump it deep underground. This removes CO₂ permanently from the atmosphere, out of reach of wildfires, soil erosion and land use change.


BeeHive supports CarbonCapture

CarbonCapture is at the forefront of innovation in sustainable technology, creating and implementing cutting-edge direct air capture machines that effectively extract CO2 from the atmosphere. By utilizing advanced engineering and scientific expertise, CarbonCapture is dedicated to combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions on a global scale.


BeeHive works with Heirloom

Heirloom is operating the first DAC facility in the United States to permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere, fulfilling customer carbon removal purchases in Tracy, California. The facility is fully powered by renewable energy, constructed with local union labor, and built in partnership with the City of Tracy and will pioneer a community governance model in the year ahead.


BeeHive partners with Frontier

Frontier is an advance market commitment to buy an initial $1B+ of permanent carbon removal between 2022 and 2030. It was founded by Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, McKinsey and tens of thousands of businesses using Stripe Climate.

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