Scan and monitor your websites and web applications for vulnerabilities

Scan and monitor for dangerous vulnerabilities that attackers could use to breach you without lifting a finger


Web-front vulnerability management made easy

Hosting a website or web-app can cost a part-time job's worth of time to properly secure. Our Vulnerability Scanning and Vulnerability Monitoring makes it easier to know whether your changes and security mitigations are effective and help guide you on how to assume a better security posture over time.

  • Scan for exposures

  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Patch faster

  • Verify your fixes


Know what's public

Discover and explore the full scope of visibility and vulnerabilities in your network, domain, or project with our detailed and carefully documented analysis. Our expert insights offer a comprehensive understanding of your system, enabling you to proactively address any potential weaknesses and bolster your defenses.


Find what's not supposed to be

Explore your platform's vulnerabilities, uncover hidden misconfigurations, identify vulnerable ports, and detect unpatched exploits. Our analysis equips you with the knowledge to fortify your platform's security and protect against potential threats.

Fix what's dangerous

Discover detailed, step-by-step instructions for effectively patching vulnerabilities and safeguarding your valuable information. Our comprehensive guides not only address weaknesses but also mitigate risks and bolster network security.

Make sure it stays that way

Discover the power of observing the effects caused by modifications in your codebase and dependencies. Unleash the ability to effortlessly analyze and contrast different configurations spanning various domains or endpoints.

Scan features include

Subdomain enumeration

See all subdomains and external services attached to a domain or website

Header validation

Check and verify a website's security headers against active manipulation attempts

Exposure evaluation

Understand what services, files, and ports are exposed to the open internet

Technology fingerprinting

Get insights into a website's service and technologies stack

Directory fuzzing

Detect exposed files, credentials, tokens, keys, and more

Configuration validation

Check for thousands of the most common network and infrastructure-related misconfigurations

SSL & TLS validation

Validate secure SSL and TLS configurations

SQL scanning

Scan for exposed and misconfigured XXSQL servers and instances

WordPress testing

Scan your customized Wordpress integration for hundreds of thousands of Wordpress-specific vulnerabilities

WAF & Host Firewall testing

Verify how firewalls respond to intrusion attempts and vulnerability sniffing activity to help identify patterns of FP behavior


Automate screening for harvestable business data

Perform OSINT against your entire infrastructure at once, see and manage detected results


Test for hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities

Scan for the presence of over 200,000 exploits, some dating back as early as 1999


Compliant with pre-existing bug bounty programs

Vulnerabilities are automatically reported to your organization's HackerOne, if participating

Simple, transparent pricing

No contracts. No surprise fees.

Start today, cancel anytime.

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$99 one-time

One-time scan for hundreds of thousands of weaknesses, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities


$97 /month

Monthly scan for hundreds of thousands of weaknesses, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities


$3529 /month

Weekly scan for hundreds of thousands of weaknesses, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities


$200170 /month

Daily scan for hundreds of thousands of weaknesses, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities






Test for over 200,000 documented vulnerabilities
Open source intelligence scan
Scan for all open source intelligence publicly offered on your company's pages and open directories
Analyst triage report
A report that contains information about all detected vulnerabilities, including remediations and references where available


Some companies prefer to not allow funds to leech, and invoice/elect for services at individual moments. This is for you.
One time charge
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Business or Enterprise User?

We have alternative scanning and deployment options available, including

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Deploy scan tools on company owned hardware, validating and controlling them with your own security tools


Shared Access

Bring your analysts to work alongside ours during remote scanning operations.