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BeeHive provides powerful resources and support to law enforcement agencies, legal agents, and cybersecurity partners throughout their investigations. This includes access to databases, expert analyst assistance, cutting-edge investigatory software, and comprehensive training to effectively identify and resolve cyber threats and legal challenges. Partnering with BeeHive means gaining access to tools and expertise to fight eCrime.

Our Capabilities

Every task is unique, and the capabilities you'll need to flex equally so. We offer the following services to help you on your way.

Identity Validation


Background Checks


Geolocation & Skiptracing


Remote Forensics

Domain & IP Intelligence


OSINT Discovery


Web Recon


Active Case Support


Curious? We've probably got the answer here

Are these services available to "officials" only?

No need to wonder, we've got you covered.

Our target audience consists of professionals who rely on information and intelligence to excel in their respective fields. We welcome the savvy "consumer" who recognizes the value we provide.

If you're an entrepreneur, navigating the waters of your own business venture, and you stumble upon our services, you may find yourself thinking, "Hmm, this could be exactly what I need." But hold on, before you reach out to us, there's an important step to take.

As a discerning consumer, it's crucial for you to engage with your own legal counsel. They will assess the validity and feasibility of your requests, but keep in mind, their expertise does come at a cost. No worries, we won't be covering that bill. #AttorneyClientPriv

Your legal counsel's responsibility is to thoroughly evaluate and provide a verdict on the client's request. They will consider all aspects of safety, security, and privacy, weighing the pros and cons, while upholding ethical standards, moral values, and adhering to relevant regional laws that apply to both client and target. Ultimately, their judgment will be based on your end goal.

If your legal counsel deems your request prudent, they will connect you with us, and from there, we'll take it forward. Your legal counsel will help define the appropriate and inappropriate scopes of your project, ensuring a smooth collaboration.

What is a "scope"?

In an investigation, you may consider "scope" the "investigator's permitted eyesight".  While we can return hundreds of different public and private data types, it is up to your legal counsel or organization to determine what the appropriate scope of request is.

An investigation into a stolen dog, for example. While it's petty-sounding, many dogs can be of high value. You would want to recover something of high value. Appropriate scopes to do that would be vehicle registration information, geolocation, home address, homeowner information, advice on weapons owned, etc. Inappropriate scopes would be work addresses, PII, and things of that sort.

This is the oversight required of your legal counsel in validating your request. We are not interested in being arbitor-in-chiefs. 


What is the legality of this service?

The legality of this extends solely to your actions and the consequences they may bring upon yourself - nothing more, nothing less.

Let's consider the example of a stolen dog.

Is it advisable to use the address and context of a no-weapons-owned property to sneak onto private land and retrieve the stolen dog without causing any damage, disturbance, or taking anything else? Well, it may not be the best course of action, but it's certainly not easy to prevent.

On the other hand, using the homeowner's information and address to conduct daytime reconnaissance, locating the stolen dog, and promptly alerting local law enforcement for assistance in recovering it? This, my friend, is the most effective approach.

However, resorting to using the address to set their house on fire because you're angered by the dog theft? That's arson, and it unequivocally makes you a person of questionable morals. This is precisely why it's crucial to seek counsel before taking any action.

Whether your counsel deems your situation as a civil or criminal matter, it is their responsibility to guide you in the appropriate course of action. Regardless of the circumstances - no matter what, who, when, where, why, or how - ultimately, you are accountable for your actions with the information provided to you.

What is the "limit" to this?

The limit is the limit of possibility in application. Summarized, if there's point to it. The internet makes great things possible nowadays, and asking if something is possible, always free.

What could this cost me?

Depending on the nature and requirement of requests, requests may be...

  • Approved With Cost
  • Approved With Reduced Cost
  • Approved Without Cost
  • Denied Without Cost

Billable working rates range between $18/hr - $300/hr depending on the complexity of the case and request.

You'll be required to approve any quotes beforehand.

Got something we can help with?

Reach out, and we'll let you know what we can do for you.