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Discover cutting-edge capabilities to safeguard against digital risk everywhere you and your business do business; BeeHive is the leader of next-generation threat defense.

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The first vendor to unify security operations threat intelligence incident investigation threat hunting detection and response solutions integration managed detection and response vulnerability scanning brand protection incident response managed antivirus cloud detection and response

We bring your internal and external security under one umbrella of visibility and technology to provide corner-to-corner, end-to-end threat defense and security intelligence


Managed Detection & Response

24/7 threat hunting, monitoring, and response can keep your business safe from tomorrow's threats

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Vulnerability Scanning

Sweep your networks, infrastructures, websites, and more for exploitable vulnerabilities and more

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Brand Protection

Deliver effective enforcement and protection of your brand's registered marks across social media and the open internet

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Incident Response

Terminate attacker persistence, establish defenses, and get help restoring your business infrastructure

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Managed AntiVirus

Detect and neutralize malware, ransomware, and zero-day threats without the hassle

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Cloud with Stroke Thru

Cloud MDR

Monitor and protect cloud environments with proactive monitoring and identity attack disruption

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Discord Safety

Detect and punish spam, harassment, and abuse while automating your server's moderation

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Military-grade security intelligence that defeats adversaries prevents infection disrupts cyberattacks creates consequence disrupts espionage

Our dedicated team monitors and addresses thousands of threat events daily for all users under our protection. With advanced event telemetry and a responsive infrastructure, we proactively identify existing compromises and swiftly intervene to stop live attacks in real-time. 

Advance your CyberSecurity maturity

To beat hackers, your security needs to evolve faster than their ability to harm you does. BeeHive can help your organization do just that.

  • Wide-spectrum telemetry

  • Customized security trainings

  • Threat hunting built-in

Delivering protection from more threats in more places

Through our monitoring operations we crowdsource security telemetry from the usage of our products and services and correlate them into a singular operational picture. Once we've spotted a threat in one shape or form, we take immediate action on it across all users equally. We see everywhere, 24/7, so you don't have to. 

Keeping you and your employees on your toes against threats targeting you

Your organization will need to learn how hackers operate in order to build successful defensive strategies. Able to help with that; live trainings, webinars, and other learning materials.

To catch what all the others won't

Our experts monitor for and analyze all unknown objects we come across to seek out traces of compromise and other malicious objects. Threat hunting doesn't cost extra here; it's built into the core of everything we do.

300 seconds 5 minutes 0.0833 hours 300 heartbeats 60 breaths

That's how long it takes a modern cybercriminal equipped with artificial intelligence to discover a critically exploitable vulnerability in your network.

Small and large businesses alike trust BeeHive's intelligence-backed vulnerability scanner to test for hundreds of thousands of potential weaknesses at lightning speed.