Stop disaster before detection

Clock in. Lock up. Punch your lunch.

This is security that simply works.


Protection that's...pretty sweet

BeeHive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides round-the-clock automated and manual monitoring, inspection, and investigation of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to help you detect, respond, defend, recover, and protect from modern cyber attacks faster, while enriching our Security Operations Center and Neural Security Networks with Threat Intelligence critical to detecting and pursuing eCrime actors

24×7 Protection

From threat hunting to active protection, our software and support stack guards your organization 24/7 from ever-evolving cyber-risk

Multi-Vendor Verdicting

We review threats against 50+ 3rd party MSSP blocklists in addition to our own signatures to guard from more threats, in more places

Remote Support

Included in all enterprise clients is support for frictionless remote assistance; meaning you spend less time waiting, and more time back-to-working

Lightweight Agent

Our agent and processes are incredibly lightweight on system resources, leaving more for your employees to do more with

Full Stack Visibility

Our software, clients, agents, and sensors allow us to see, monitor, and defend your business's network, fleet endpoints, and data in-transit thru one delivery platform, enriching alerts with threat intelligence critical for assessment and response

Active Data Protection

Once indexed, private or confidential data is untouchable to unknown or suspicious programs, and exfiltration is detected and denied by default. Can't ransom what doesn't exist to be ransomed

Backup A-La-Carte

Backup your endpoints to our Comb secure storage bucket, protected by Cascade-Enhanced Multi-Cipher Encryption


All tiers of our MDR Service include...

Signature AntiVirus

Detects and automatically blocks previously detected or analyst-confirmed threat types

Behavioral AntiVirus

Detects and kills programs when they exhibit intently malicious behavior

Ransomware Protection

Detects, contains and remediates known and zero-day ransomware variants. House always wins.

Endpoint Commander

Keeps your systems and software up to date, and transmits live security alerts to our SoC when intervention is required

Active Data Monitoring and Protection

Stops your private data from going, and thus ending up, all the places it shouldn't

Work Environment Integrity

Blocks, kills, and notifies our SoC when unknown sources attempt to capture, clone, or otherwise re-transmit the work environment

Absolute Device Control

100% control over all COM & hardware connectivity; keyboards, mice, flash drives, floppy drives, keys, you name it, we're on it

No Logging Limits

You host the server, you can have as many logs as you wish. Please, we insist.

Ransomware Rollback

Stop "APT-esque" encryption/slowcryption with behavioral monitoring and file encryption rollback. Ransomware actors hate this one simple trick.


Get the most out of your security vendor

  • A truly drop-in solution

  • Always up to date

  • Extended response that's human-inclusive

Less steps to more success

Enrollment of your endpoints is quick, painless, and more importantly, unattended

This means your in-house IT Team can get back to work without hassle

The average manual deployment takes less than 15 seconds of employee time.

Does your organization utilize Active Directory?

Deploy across tens of thousands of devices, in 3 clicks

Check-for-updates no more!

Studies show that businesses operating with outdated technology face a significantly higher risk of data breaches (65%) compared to those who regularly update their software and hardware (29%). Surprisingly, the primary reason companies hesitate to embrace technology updates is the inconvenience it poses to their employees.

BeeHive's Endpoint Commander keeps the software your teams use up-to-date while the office lights are dimmed, ensuring you're always running the latest available version of security and bug fixes.

Humans and machines in hybrid

Our services are designed to lighten your load, not add to it.

Whether it's maintaining your physical systems or implementing fleet-wide changes, we provide your IT Team with clear and timely instructions and guides whenever they need a helping hand.

When it comes to tackling infections and intrusion attempts, we go the extra mile by delivering a comprehensive analyst report to your IT Team within 48 hours.

This ensures that your team's discussions are fueled by accurate data points for internal reference and repair, and your IT Team stays productive while we remain vigilant.


As Flexible As Your Business

Choose a plan that best works for you and your team

501c3's, NonProfits, and Schools
$6 per endpoint per month
General Market
$9 per endpoint per month
Custom Quote
$ to quote

Need clarification?

What is MDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an essential aspect of the CyberSecurity threat lifecycle, focusing on proactive identification of threats, rapid response to incidents, and continuous monitoring of an organization's digital environment.

By combining state-of-the-art technology and expert human analysis, MDR effectively identifies and mitigates potential risks to networks, systems, and data. Leveraging cutting-edge tools like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, MDR takes a comprehensive approach to detect and analyze abnormal activities. This enables cybersecurity teams to swiftly identify and address security incidents, minimizing any impact on business operations.

Moreover, MDR not only facilitates efficient threat detection but also provides valuable insights into an organization's security posture, offering recommendations to enhance overall cyber resilience. With round-the-clock monitoring and response capabilities, MDR plays a pivotal role in safeguarding businesses against the ever-evolving realm of cyber threats.

How does MDR work?

We categorize responses into primarily one of two classes:

Silent Response

Silent responses are live security responses triggered in reaction to an adaptive security alert. Silent responses encompass the "99%" of our response types and are for anything from the weird file Becky in Engineering just opened, to the Command Prompt stuck looping on John's laptop. When we perform a "silent" response, we may in certain circumstances reach out to your organization contact to clarify or verify a particular item, but other than those specific cases, that's it. It's a silent response to something so minor you probably wouldn't have cared to spend time hearing about it. A problem only worth the time spent fixing it.

Escalated Response

Escalated responses are live security responses that require us to activate on-location associates in response to an adaptive security alert. This means sending your IR/IT Team sprinting down various hallways, smacking servers and screeching to the above as they do so. Escalated responses are rare, alikened to the 1%, and typically involve taking immediate remediative actions like physical device or network isolation, forensic imaging or recovery, removal of associates from company property, or confiscation of roving devices for Security Esurance; summarized, remediation of CyberThreats that have escalated outside of digital impact alone.

Can I use BeeHive MDR with another security vendor?

Well, this feels like a tense three-way now...

Our industry-redefining security package is made of the following:

  • Active element (Security Client)
  • Passive element (EDR Listener)
  • Command element (Endpoint Commander)
  • Intelligence element (BeeHive SoC)

If another security vendor still has your heart, that's okay, we'll win you over. In the meantime however...

If you are utilizing another security vendor whose client or agent contains active countermeasures, these agents are typically aggressively self-protective. Equally, our security client likes to aggressively poke around and see what files are made of, and this can cause our security client to fight with your pre-existing security vendor's agent.

Not a great outcome. So, we do not support our security client in a fully insured deployment in multi-vendor configurations.

That being said, we do support multi-vendor configurations for Enhanced EDR, and Remote Support/Fleet Management.

TLDR: Choose as many passive vendors as you're compelled to, but we only support endpoints running one active countermeasure agent at a time.

One vendor. Zero downtime.

What a treat...