The BeeHive Timeline

We're constantly changing and evolving to meet newfound needs and requirements. This timeline serves to let you learn a bit more about where we come from, the pace we're growing at, and help you to formulate an idea of whether or not you'll find us reliable defenders in mindset.

February 2022

The collective organization of BeeHive was titled and founded, with an intent to focus on next-gen CyberSecurity solutions and architecture. More people need better standards for CyberSecurity everywhere; we can be the difference we wish for.

February 2022

Russia begins an unprecedented invasion against Ukraine, which triggers as a domino effect a large-scale CyberConflict.

March 2022

We establish operational conditions for the RussoUkrainian CyberConflict, comprising RoE and Pro-Ukrainian financial considerations for operation costs

April 2023

BeeHive withdraws from most social-related operations to prepare to shift operational and brand focus

May 2023

We introduce First-Party Data Redaction, helping the un-familiar purge platforms they no longer need of their potentially private data. Surveiller no surveilling!

July 2023

BeeHive shifts operational and brand focus to prioritizing offensive & defensive deliverables; a small-scale "great reset" towards more corporate positioning.

August 2023

We introduce Vulnerability Scanning as a service, helping small developers and large enterprises alike get a better understanding of their digital posture

August 2023

We introduce our Next-Gen AntiVirus-as-a-Service, targeted to help home users stay protected from serious, heavy-hitting threats. Anonymized data collected thru our Next-Gen AntiVirus enhances our proactive hunt with real-time telemetry

September 2023

We introduce our Managed Detection and Response service, which keeps real, friendly hackers inside your infrastructure 24/7, hunting for intruders alongside partner-patented zero-trust-strategy machine-speed containment technology

September 2023

We introduce DNS Filtration, a DNS-level filter that's free for anyone to use to reduce the amount of malware, fake news, malvertising, and other types of malicious items they're exposed to. Anonymized data collected thru DNS Filtration enhances our proactive hunts with real-time telemetry.

October 2023

We introduce Active Cyber Defense, a reactively offensive solution for only the most mission-critical resources