Defend with the Viewpoint of your Attacker

Understand your production stack's vulnerabilities, get alerted to newly discovered weaknesses, and benefit from an intelligence platform that sees the full picture


We offer the most comprehensive vulnerability scanning and testing

so you can spend less time waiting, wasting, or worrying

and more time committing, pushing, pulling, and building


Gain a complete documented understanding of your network, domain, or project's visibility and vulnerabilities


Gain insights and technical details into your platform's specific vulnerabilities; spot misconfigurations, vulnerable ports, and unpatched exploits


Customers of our Managed Detection and Response platform benefit from automatic updates and patch verification. Otherwise, we're here to help with context, guides, and technical support while you patch


See the impact of changes to your codebase and dependancies, and compare configurations across domains or endpoints


Gain an in-depth understanding of your posture

Get a comprehensive understanding of your posture with our cutting-edge recon and intelligence platform. We take offensive measures to ensure that you stay one step ahead, providing you with precise insights into your network's vulnerability to potential attackers.

Domain Enumeration

See all exposed services connected to a target domain

Directory Enumeration

Scan for exposed files, paths, and other sensitive information

SSL Verification

Detect available and/or vulnerable SSL versions

TLS Verification

Detect available and/or vulnerable TLS versions

Header Verification

Check for misconfigurations in the target's security headers

Azure Evaluation

Scan for and extract information from vulnerable Azure instances

Cipher Evaluation

Evaluate encryption standards used in the target environment for weakness

Exposure Evaluation

Understand what services connected to a target are exposed to the public internet

Misconfig Detection

Scan for over 500 of the most common server, domain, and host configuration mistakes.

Service Detection

See an entire list of available services detected for access on a target

WordPress Scanning

Scan for and detect a slew of WordPress platform vulnerabilities, including security updates, misconfigurations, and more...

SSRF Scanning

Detect endpoints and routes that may be vulnerable to Server-Side Request Forgery

Email Extraction

Detect and extract email leaks from a target's poor security posture

Technology Fingerprinting

See a complete list of detected technologies running/in use on your target.

WAF Testing

Detect the presence and potential configuration of a target's Web Application Firewall, including manufacturer, service plan, and more.

SQL Testing

Detect and test for exposed, out-of-date, and vulnerable ??SQL instances.

Port Scanning

Enumerate and test for proof-of-life and port availability across your entire port surface.


Automated Triage

Vulnerabilities are automatically reported to your organization's HackerOne, if participating.


Results you can rely on

  • Power the pro's already trust

  • Forward-facing scans

Our vulnerability scans include reports from over 20 of the most popular open source security tools such as subfinder, nuclei, httpx, naabu, gospider, amass, ffuf, assetfinder, sublist3r, hakrawler, OneForAll, and theharvester; the same tools you're likely to find in your security auditor's toolbox.

Our scans are performed from an offensive viewpoint, giving you a truly unique fingerprint of how an attacker may view and attack your network


Need constant security vulnerability monitoring and testing?

Proactive automated scanning starts at $20/mo