Protect your brand from phishing, impersonation, and more!

Take advantage of our world-class screening and detection to remove your brand's marks from falling victim to impersonation, account takeovers, and more.


$29 billion dollars

That's how much intellectual property damages were incurred by businesses in the United States in 2019  from copyright piracy, trademark counterfeiting, and trade secret theft.


$4.2 billion dollars

That's how much in damages was incurred by cybercrimes such as brand impersonation and phishing in 2020.


In today's ever-changing digital world, it is of utmost importance to safeguard your brand's online presence in order to maintain trust and credibility.

There are constantly cybercriminals and malicious individuals seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and damage the reputation of businesses. This is where our brand protection services come into the picture, providing an effective solution to swiftly eradicate malicious content that poses a threat to your brand.

We monitor online platforms to identify instances of unauthorized use of your brand's name, trademarks, or copyrighted materials. By utilizing our expertise in intellectual property law and online enforcement practices, we work to initiate and monitor the removal process and take necessary legal action when required.

Our collaboration with online platforms and domain registrars enables us to expedite the removal of infringing content, thereby reducing the time your brand is exposed to potential risks.

Our team is perfectly well equipped to combat a wide range of malicious activities, such as phishing websites, counterfeit product listings, and online scams. Through continuous monitoring and advanced threat intelligence tools, we can proactively identify and analyze suspicious websites and content associated with your brand. Once identified, we take immediate action by engaging with relevant platforms and authorities to initiate all applicable remediation. By promptly removing malicious content, we protect your customers from falling victim to scams or fraudulent activities, reinforcing their trust in your brand.

How It Works

Our Brand Protection services focus on identifying and eliminating harmful content from various online platforms, including websites, social media networks, and other digital channels. The primary objective is to minimize your brand's exposure to fraudulent or unauthorized content, thus preventing further harm and preserving your brand's reputation.


Threat actor creates an organization-branded page targeting login credentials


The usage of your marks is detected during a visual hashing crawl


The site or service is assessed to compare the usage of your protected marks with what is lawfully provisional.


In the event of genuine accidents, abusers are sent notice of your rights and given compliance guidance


Intentionally abusive or non-compliant sites and services are taken offline, or public access disabled.


You're notified immediately of the takedown processed in defense of your rights, and given offender information if applicable for further legal action and support.

Best of all, it's affordable



We’ll scour the internet weekly looking for security threats abusing your brand, such as phishing, malware, and account jacking, and remove them as required.

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All the benefits of Pro, plus Rights Management, Delegation, and Revocation externally.

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