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We offer automated and manual scanning, reviews, takedowns, and case management to keep your brand's identity on autopilot


Got a business online? Then you need brand protection services.

There's no two-ways around it. Your brand, the success it builds, and the trust it inspires in your customers? It's on the table for your attacker to abuse and misuse; and they will.

To deal with brand abuse effectively, you need a force multiplier. That's us.


$4.2 billion dollars

In the year 2020 alone, cybercrimes like brand impersonation and phishing wreaked havoc, resulting in a staggering $4.2 billion worth of damages.


$29 billion dollars

That's how much intellectual property damages were incurred by businesses in the United States in 2019 from copyright piracy, trademark counterfeiting, and trade secret theft


How BeeHive protects your brand

Your abuser creates a page bearing your protected marks

"Protected marks" refer to marks that have been officially registered under copyright, trademark, or other rights, which empower us to take action against any misuse or infringement. While certain rights may also exist for non-registered works, our standard procedure requires mark registration in order to process takedown requests, unless they pertain to original artwork or marks.

The usage of your marks is detected during a perceptual hashing crawl, reported to us, or discovered by a hunter

Perceptual hashing is the use of a fingerprinting algorithm that produces a snippet, hash, or fingerprint of various forms of multimedia. A perceptual hash is a type of locality-sensitive hash, which is analogous if features of the multimedia are similar. This is not to be confused with cryptographic hashing, which relies on the avalanche effect of a small change in input value creating a drastic change in output value. Perceptual hash functions are widely used in finding cases of online copyright infringement as well as in digital forensics because of the ability to have a correlation between hashes so similar data can be found (for instance with a differing watermark).

While robots are looking for your marks via automated means, humans alongside them are visiting competitor and/or abuser websites, looking for protective justification.


Discovered abuse is compared to what is contractually and lawfully acceptable

Managing abuse concerns is an integral aspect of your brand's public image, and we prioritize giving you complete autonomy in this process. We believe that you, as the brand owner, have the best understanding of what constitutes abuse within your company and what does not. Therefore, we rely on your expertise to define these boundaries. However, in situations where there may be ambiguity, we immediately involve you in the decision-making process so that you can make the final call in an executive-style manner. By maintaining this collaborative approach, we ensure that your brand's reputation remains intact while allowing you to assert your control and authority over how abuse concerns are addressed.

A chance to do the right thing enters the chat...

In the unfortunate event of genuine accidents, individuals who engage in abusive behavior will be promptly notified of their rights and provided with guidance on compliance. It is widely recognized that resorting to litigation unilaterally would only exacerbate the situation by tenfold. However, if they display cooperation and demonstrate good will, there exists an opportunity where your legal representatives will not be perceived as harassing anyone.

...and just as quickly leaves...

Deliberately abusive or non-compliant websites and services are swiftly shut down or have their public access revoked. Perpetrators of intentional abuse are diligently traced throughout their harmful campaigns.

...before we bring you up to speed on the entire interaction.

You will receive immediate notification about the takedown procedure conducted to protect your rights, along with any relevant information about the offender for potential legal action and support. Whether you choose to triumph in court or not is entirely up to you; we simply make it more challenging for them to engage in internet abuse.


It's hard to put a price on safety; we tried our best to find one that worked for us both

Regardless of the scale of your brand's operations, we've got a solution that fits in perfectly and works without question. What works best for you?

Starter $129 /month
Pro $159 /month
Enterprise $299+ /month

A relatively cheap entry into protecting your marks with style

We’ll scour the internet weekly looking for security threats abusing your brand, such as phishing, malware, and account jacking, and remove them as required.
Automated Scanning
Phishing Takedowns
Malware Takedowns

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