Opportunity isn't restrictive by nature, and we aren't either.

Here's how we handle maintaining fairness within employment and opportunity


It has become near-secondhand nature in society to claim or assert that there are forces of discrimination at play when opportunities do not work out in ideal fashions. While it's undeniable that even in a modern society there are those who wake with hatred in their heart, BeeHive corporately is designed around a very simple principle: objective, and accomplishment.

Equally, when looking for those we feel could be good to do business with, we must ask, what do we see the potential to accomplish together based on our core objectives. If we can legally pay you, and you have the skillset we're seeking to mobilize, there is no reason for us not to consider employing you.

We are not looking to build a "qwerky" workforce, but one that accomplishes exactly what we promise, as we continue to scale. This is a zero tolerance workforce and you'll be held harshly, immediately accountable for actions, mistakes, and behavior that detract from our mission. Others have more responsibility riding on you than you do yourself.

We will give yours, like every application, a neutral review. It's up to you where that goes in full transparency and honesty.