Where there's mutual development, there's interest

and where there's smoke, there's fire

We're looking to do more than put in our hours and go home; is your organization too?


Partnership with Prestige is Protection with Meaning

Creating and maintaining partnership with us? Not as simple as filling out a form and selling our products, nor inserting quarters into an exclusive gumball machine. See, this is a partnership program that doesn't revolve around you being useful to us, but resolves around a useful result itself. The internet's full of "talkers", we prefer to associate with, surround ourselves with, and work alongside the "doers".

When someone's a BeeHive Partner, it's because they're hard at work for their customer; and that's the best type of partner to ask for.

We hold our partners to higher standards than you'd expect

The bare minimum is simply not enough, and it doesn't fly with us. We expect partners to strive, communicate, and work towards compliance with our "Terms" at all times - and like many of the world's largest platforms, these expectations extend IRL. There is no convoluted "de-partnership" process, nor is there tolerance for flagrant abuse.

Our Terms are already implied

Partnering with us doesn't begin with an extra-large document, because if you're the partner we're looking for, we simply don't have to.

The partner we're looking for, already understands what is within professional and industry expectation of them.

You, or your organization representing you, will come to work with all of your brain cells in a line and deliver to your customers precisely, whole-fully, what they're coming to you for and in the process represent us with absolute honesty, poise and posture, in a manner that doesn't incur "babysitting". 

Clone wars not welcome in our galaxy

Some services, ideas, and platforms are only innovation the first time. We're not looking to recycle Silicon Valley nightmares, equally. What makes your organization ripe for partnership with us must also justify the space it takes up in this world compared to any other competitor. Otherwise, you're "yet another ...", and nobody feels good hearing that, and we find no benefit in enhancing your business or its model.

Hear-ye, hear-ye customer

We're not shutting doors on folks, we're not ignoring emails, we're not ghosting tickets, we're not doing "just enough". If you would give us better than your customer, you need to flip the script. A business that doesn't honor its customers is no business and has no business doing business with us. Business sans customer doesn't exist.

Partnership with Purpose Delivers Wins Unilaterally

Nobody enjoys anal-retentive Terms and Conditions, and it doesn't make it better when they're all-seeing on the internet.

However, we take time to try to make it worth everybody's time...

Free time to talk

Communication drives the world; let's talk revenue, let's draft plans, let's take over the world (IRL of course). Lets talk about bad customer experiences, and transform them into good ones. Lets talk about goals, and turn them into past milestones. Lets talk about ideas, and create products that fulfill them. Lets talk about dreams, then create our next.

Free data to wrangle

Dentists need teeth, chiropractors need backs, and tech projects need data. So lets create, curate, and generate it in a privacy respective way while keeping data-related costs low. We enrich partners with security + threat intelligence, IP, WHOIS, and more with near on-the-spot generative capabilities empowered.

Free oopsie fixer-ie (IR)

You're for sure going to make a horrific IT mistake in the process of whatever you're doing; it's a classic gamble. Call on us, and we're here to help un-fuckadoo it. 

Free experimental tech-ery

Sometimes it's ours, sometimes it's from another partner, maybe sometimes it's from aliens - least you can say you got the chance to try it (and break it) first.

Our Partners

AKA, the badasses that have the capacity to tolerate us

SINCE 2023


Malcore is the fastest commercial sandbox on the market, leveraging a powerful reverse engineering platform at its core. Seamlessly integrating into browser, desktop, and email environments, Malcore accelerates threat identification through its automated analysis function, saving your team valuable time compared to manual code review or traditional VM setup.

SINCE 2023


XCITIUM, fka. COMODO, provides innovative endpoint monitoring and protection solutions to stop even the toughest of threats. Securing their customers is their #1 priority, and global industry leaders have validated their endpoint security solutions through rigorous testing. Other partners of XCITIUM include the State of Utah (ahem, the BeeHive state).

SINCE 2022

Stripe Climate

BeeHive is part of Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal. No company can stop climate change by itself. Stripe Climate aggregates funds from forward-thinking businesses around the world to increase demand for carbon removal. Stripe Climate works with Frontier, Stripes in-house team of science and commercial experts, to purchase permanent carbon removal.

Is someone missing?

No, they're not. De-partnership happens, expectations aren't met from time to time, people go home unhappy, such is business.

Did someone you're looking for disappear from here? Reach out, we'll tell you why.

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