Know when security policy's broke

We intake, triage, notify, and patch vulnerabilities and risks reported by your associates, while enforcing ethical disclosure requirements


Actionable intelligence and industry-professional insights inform you on your associate's technical competency and discovery route


Protect your company's bottom line of security by enabling your organizaiton to effectively intake and triage reports of bugs, vulnerabilities, and other misconfigurations


Bug & Vulnerability Disclosure programs play huge roles in safeguarding corporate infrastructures, ensuring a swift and efficient security response that keeps businesses one step ahead of a evolving threat landscape

Your organization should have a disclosure program; does it?

It's often observable that one of the most equally effective and exploitable layers of security, is the human layer. Your organization may have tens, hundreds, thousands of associates who use your systems, servers, services, web-apps, and programs daily; but who do they talk to when they discover something gone horribly wrong...no no, not just "production is down", but most-typically, security-related concerns - and more importantly, is that conversation safe to have?

Historically, this hasn't been handled well

The problem

CyberSecurity and Risk Management interests rarely find a sustainable intersection where all involved parties go home happy, safe, and still employed after disclosing a misconfiguration

The danger

Associates who discover and attempt to report internal security errors or misconfigurations for their employer are typically targeted with punitive action as a result to "ensure compliance efforts"

The solution

We place security interests first for your organizations sake, resulting in faster response times, faster remediation times, and less workforce friction due to mis-decided Risk Management efforts

We enhance your organization with a disclosure-program-in-a-box that just...works

It uses platforms your associates are already using, doesn't require the installation of any special software or tool usage at runtime, and is otherwise just...good and damn helpful

The empowerment

Managed Disclosure Programs are empowered by BeeHive's own in-house legal associates. However, when it comes to wanting a second opinion, we've got a selection of legal experts off-hand we can recommend with honors to help you effectively litigate compliance concerns internally. Typically, you'd hire a lawyer who would then consult with a 3rd party firm or agency. Here, the "hackers" are built-in. Plus, there's nothing like the smell of Attorney-Client Privilege in the morning...

How does this work?

We setup a lander

When you enroll your organization with us, we setup a reporting/disclosure form as well as a dedicated reporting email for your organization's associates, and you implement it across your websites and endpoints to keep it accessible to your associates

Your associates find and report a bug or vulnerability

The larger the scale of your organization the greater you've got internal misconfigurations. We make it easy for your associates to notify us when they find something they believe is an unintended function or behavior

We triage the report and establish policy verdict

We review what your associate reports to us and triage its severity and impact. We also determine whether the discovery and disclosure fall within "ethical" or "unethical" guidelines

You get the resulting protected disclosure

We make it easy and human-readable to understand where your organization made an error, and how to patch it. Also included, a requirement to maintain the associate's employment provided ethical guideline compliance is established