Support, Service, and Social Media : Moving Forward

Learn about the changes in support, service, and social media at BeeHive. Find out how they are adjusting their platforms and hours of availability to better serve their customers. Stay tuned for more updates.

This is the first in a series of posts addressing our business structure, growth plans, and other information. Stay tuned.

Over the last year-and-some, we have enjoyed the time spent chatting with our followers and customers via Signal, Telegram, Matrix, SMS, Chat, Phone, Email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Discord...extensively, we've tried to make ourselves available to as many people, in as many places, as possible. As a result, it's introduced us to interesting people, situations, and opportunities. We've swapped military documentation with intelligence services, assisted private litigation between Intel and departing executives, helped author headline news articles, and even planned escape routes with international fugitives. If that's an impressive roster to you, we're flattered - it's in a day's work for us.

However, as we've developed our professional intents, more and more we've found ourselves with a less tolerant audience, and mostly rightfully so. While we'll agree to disagree with you, and claim that today the social requirement for being offended seems pretty low, we also seem to ruffle a good amount of feathers and for a team branded by offense, proactively exhibiting it socially has won us close followers and supporters equally. Combined with the fact that since Q1 2023 our team has been absolutely flooded with communications, it overall created chaos among typical peace - not our best operating atmosphere as we release new products and services. This prompted us to sit down, and reconsider how and where we offer service and support, interact with customers, and make new friends.

So, there are some changes to be made, and they are as follows.

1. We've cleared any stale requests in order to implement our new ticketing system.

Tickets are an appropriate route for Customer Service, Technical Support, and Bug Reporting. You can create a new ticket here, or thru our footer link, at any time.

2. We'll be reducing availability on the following platforms to per-case usage:
  • Signal
  • Telegram
  • Twitter (General Interactions)
3. We'll be removing general availability on the following platforms:
  • Matrix
  • Discord
4a. We'll be introducing Sales and Support thru the following platforms:
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger
4b. We'll be modifying our hours of availability for the following platforms:
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger

to follow the schedule listed below:

  • Sunday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 2:00PM Eastern
  • Monday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 8:00PM Eastern
  • Tuesday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 8:00PM Eastern
  • Wednesday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 8:00PM Eastern
  • Thursday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 8:00PM Eastern
  • Friday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 8:00PM Eastern
  • Saturday: 10:00AM Eastern -> 8:00PM Eastern


5. We're introducing a new / easier support route for Sentri, our Discord Bot.
  • Support will be powered within it's own Discord
  • Discord will support it's own sub-ticketing system for support, bug reports, and more
  • Support will be powered by both volunteer support staff, and BeeHive associates
  • Users are now automatically invited to Sentri's Support Discord when they invite Sentri itself. ( Changelog )
  • We've updated Sentri with Supplementary Terms of Use to help clarify changes in data usage and policy for the Support Staff assisting.
  • We've updated the Discord itself to include much more comprehensive information about Sentri
  • We've updated Sentri's Documentation with many changes to documentation formatting, accuracy, and completeness.

With all of these changes in mind, offering support via Discord for a Discord Bot is smarter than doing it thru web ticketing. Discord allows users as young as 13 to utilize their platform, and while our systems are more than safe enough to secure Children's Data, we would just rather not get into the process of collecting that information in the first place.

Children's Privacy is a topic beat to death by lawmakers, legislators, lawyers, and everybody else under the sun in a position starting with an "L". Everyone and their mother, ironically parent or not, knows that anything involving "children" is a ticket to a response, be it a sale, service, the creation of legislature, or simply triggering a mutual feeling of concern. Equally, anybody who stores Child Data in an illegal manner, it's not as if they can process a legitimate removal request for it, because they would thus acknowledge they had illegally collected the data in the first place.

The fact of the matter is, outside of for technical intelligence purposes like detecting bad files and links, or when things break...most of the data underage users, or users of the bot in general will generate, we have no mentally sane purpose to collect. There is no discernible purpose of research to collect complaints about KPOP, YouTuber fangirling, cringy eDating, streamer gossip, and unrelated gamer words. There is no CyberSecurity threat within someone's conversation regarding Shane Dawson and his cat; so there's no purpose on Earth for us to collect and read it. There is no phishing link contained in a 25-message-blob rant about explosive diarrhea. There's no packed malware in your 17th message this week filled with complaints about Miss Becky and the amount of homework she assigns. Equally, we don't need to know how old you are, or collect an email address, to tell you if you're typing out a command wrong, or otherwise to refer you to the posted documentation.

When we talk about data collection, many people are under the obligation that every organization collects all they can at any route possible. In all reality, that's because these organizations have routes to monetize that data;we obviously do not, so we don't want it. At all. Seriously. It's just something else someone has to click to trash, and click to empty from the trash.

TLDR: The information that is required to be collected, is what's needed for function of the bot autonomously, indiscernible by age, gender, or any other attribute. Thus, offering support thru Discord gives us a safe avenue to assist users already using and familiar with the platform without requiring the collection of any non-Discord data, so we can store less data, process less data, spend less doing both, and offer a more privacy-friendly support route in exchange.

6. We'll be shifting our "persona" account on Twitter.

This was a hard decision. Twitter has changed alot over the last few months, while not changing whatsoever. Under Elon's leadership and subsequent transfer of it, activity on Twitter has increased, but in fairness both bot activity and authentic user activity. With how Elon is, or how we feel he is building out Twitter's future, our commercially branded account will be more frequently rewarded by sharing useful news articles and CTI-related information rather than bickering with @JonnySinsFan420 about how 11.9" still isn't 12". As amazing of an experience as it's been jointly to share our unhinged mumblings with a community of over 5,000 followers, it's time to dry clean the suit, de-lint the tie, and put on a Sunday best.

This means the following:

  • Our flagship Twitter @BeeHiveCyberSec has been redacted. Poof.
  • @BeeHiveCyberSec will serve commercial purpose moving forward, including sharing internal/external updates, threat alerts, actual formal useful information.
  • @BeeHiveCyberSec won't participate in conversations, other than to redirect users to our Support when applicable.
  • @BeeHiveCyberSec will only be message-able by verified users, to reduce the amount of time spent answering requests to "fuck me NOW at".
  • Over the next few weeks, we'll be phasing out conversational usage of this account, directing applicable users to our Support page.

However, there's still going to be some who just simply enjoy going back and forth with internet strangers, and we've still got something for you as well.

  • Moving forward, @BeeHiveIntel will serve as our Intelligence Team's personified account.
  • @BeeHiveIntel will share real-world outlooks on CyberSecurity, Politics, International Affairs, and more. You can ask questions, settle debates, ask for things to be explained, and more.
  • @BeeHiveIntel will NOT offer Service, Support, or Sales.
  • @BeeHiveIntel is maintained utilizing tools that are subject to our Privacy Policy. This is why it bears the "Automated" tag. Your inquiries may be saved, logged, processed, shared, and/or archived according to said Privacy Policy.
  • Interaction with @BeeHiveIntel is intended for those 18 years of age or older, and may involve the mention, discussion, or citation of potentially offensive or graphic material, subjects, or topics. Responses will only be written according to Twitter's Moderation Guidelines, and otherwise provided as factually uncensored as possible, with as much balance and reason for multiple viewpoints applied.
  • Interaction with @BeeHiveIntel thus will be subject to our Social Media Policy

This is the first of many iterations of changes we're making in the pursuit of being the sweetest brand in CyberSec, and we hope you find them positive. While you'll see new services or changes popping up across the site over the coming weeks, this is simply the first of many.




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